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Fashion School Tips to Help You Go From Idle to Idol

For fashion design devotees, the best thing about “American Idol” isn’t watching the performances, but witnessing the incredible makeovers that the finalists undergo. After all, who can forget the way Clay Aiken transformed from geek to heartthrob in a matter of weeks? As the competition heats up this season on “American Idol,” our panel of fashion school experts have gleaned lessons learned from seasons past for makeover tips that will have you looking so good, even Simon Cowell would approve.

1. Step it up a notch. When David Archuleta wore jeans and a t-shirt to perform in Season 7, he looked like a high school kid on a field trip, not a potential superstar. But when he added a chic military-styled jacket over the tee in later weeks, he became a contender. Archuleta showed that the best Idol makeovers involve upping the glam factor, and the littlest detail can do so. For example, you could finish off a pair of jeans with a jewel-studded belt, or pair a conservative suit with a brightly-colored scarf.

2. Dress your age. Alison Iraheta from Season 8 was the perfect example of someone who dressed age-appropriately. Only 16 years old, she did not try to wear the serious gowns of her twentysomething competitors. Instead, she stuck with playful ensembles that were equal parts punk and pink. Because it was age appropriate, she looked perfectly natural. Viewers watching from home could take a tip from the teen rocker: dress your age, and you’ll look ageless.

3. Go for drama. A look that says “wow” even before the singer opens his or her mouth is usually enough to get the home voters on speed dial. When Season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee stepped onto the stage not in her usual jeans, but in a canary yellow floor length stunner to sing “I Have Nothing,” she showed the world “I Have Everything.” So go for the OMG moment yourself with a dramatic style, silhouette, or color. You’ll feel like you have everything, too.

4. Mix it up. Savvy Idol contestants keep the audience guessing, wondering what they’ll wear week to week. The master of this strategy was Season 8’s Adam Lambert, who could alternate between glam rocker and sharkskin-suited crooner without batting a mascaraed eyelash. Similarly, our fashion school experts suggest shaking up your own wardrobe. If you’re usually super casual, surprise everyone with a more sophisticated look. Or if you tend to be conservative, show off your more playful side.

5. It’s all about the fit. Here’s a great lesson for all of us. The most beautiful outfit in the world is nothing if it doesn’t fit right. Lakisha Jones of Season 6 may have been plus-sized, but her dresses fit her immaculately, hugging her curves and flattering her figure. She showed us that the best fashion design is about both style and fit.

6. Do something about that hair. Before his makeover, Season 7’s David Cook was a slightly nerdy would-be rocker. After his makeover, he was not only the champion, but certified cougar-bait. What was the big difference? His hair. The show’s stylists turned his awkward combover into an asymmetrical faux-hawk, and he was suddenly sexy. Pay similar attention to your own coif. A simple cut can change your entire appearance.

Fashion School Tips For Creating a Stylish Halloween Costume

Halloween is that holiday where you get to show the world (or at least your friends) how creative you are. Whether you are a novice or have a degree in fashion design, here are three perfect costumes that will let you take your sewing machine center stage!

No ordinary costume will do. It must be something that shows artistry, thought, and most of all, style!

How about something from the world of Mad Men? Get schooled at the Betty Draper fashion college. Betty has the quintessential wardrobe of the 1960s. With her shift dresses, chiffon sashes, and three-quarter sweaters, her classic style transcends the decades.

Scour your local vintage store for a conservative dress with spaghetti straps, fitted bodice and full circle skirt to wear as the underlayer. Using the dress as a pattern, create a sheer outer dress with the same skirt silhouette, but with a button-up bodice, sweet cap sleeves, and a high neckline. Don’t forget to wear a diamond wedding ring to complete the look. This is the perfect costume for couples. What guy wouldn’t want to be Don Draper for a night?

If you have a love for nature and haven’t quite made it to fashion school yet, try a Sacagawea costume. Start with a plain tan linen dress. Cut off the hemlines and finished edges to create a raw, earthy style. The key to this look is fringes. Create a wide collar out of short layers of fringed fabrics in shades of olive green, brown, and cream. Just make sure you can cut fabric in a straight line! For added style, extend the collar at the sides so the fringes cascade over your shoulders and down your arms.

Wear your hair in two long braids secured with simple suede cord from a fabric store. This is one costume that could be brought this into your actual wardrobe, if worn the right way. Throw on some leggings and ankle boots, and wear the top off one shoulder and you’ve got a new outfit.

If you’ve already written your acceptance speech for Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards, then a Marie Antoinette Halloween costume is within your creative realm.

Sofia Coppola brought the fashions of Marie Antoinette alive in her 2006 movie. If you haven’t already seen it, be forewarned: the movie may leave you with strong cravings for butter cookies, sparkling drinks, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. The fashion world embraces this film for its gowns by Milena Canonero, saturated in pink satin, pearls, diamonds, exquisite ruffles, bows, lace, ultra femininity, sophistication, opulence, and extravagance.

Shop for a corset at a thrift store and build your costume around it. The key is a tightly fitting bodice with a full skirt exploding from your waist. Tip: make a mini-bubble skirt filled with crumpled newspaper to wear under the skirt. It will lift the skirt out and save you money on investing in yards and yards of fabric.

Sew on layers of ruffles, punctuated with satin bows. Accessorize with delicate pearl drop earrings and a single velvet ribbon tied around your neck. Keep the accessories to a modest level of abundance. If anyone has the nerve to ask who you are, simply respond with, “Let them eat cake.”

Fashion Image Tips

fs.2.10You can do what you want to do; your desire to do it is PROOF that you have within you the power to do it. Quote by, Wallace Wattles

To benefit from using the Law of Attraction that states: You attract more of what you focus on, try to focus your thoughts on the opposite of what you always do. Whether it is in your clothing selections, the way you dress, or the way you express yourself, you can learn to break yourself of bad habits and negative behaviors. So, make a habit to focus more on what you wish to happen. For example:

1. Replace anger and resentment with a positive, forgiving attitude. Not only will you feel better, in the long run, your health will thank you for it.

2. If you find yourself talking too much and not listening to the other person, focus on being silent for at least 20 seconds and make sure the other person completes voicing their thoughts before you speak yours.

3. In learning a new skill, focus on the outcome you wish to reach, and not on how difficult the learning process may be.

4. Focus on what you wish to happen (becoming slimmer, eating healthier foods, taking more interest in your appearance, walking more, and sitting less).

5. Make a point to focus less on any bad habits you have today.

6. Pay attention to your appearance. When you care less about the way you dress or look, your image (and perhaps your reputation) suffers.

7. Be grateful for what you have, rather than be upset for what you do not have.

8. SMILE! Not only will you feel more attractive, and look better, you make someone else feel better about their own image.

Selecting clothing that suits your personality is a good habit to form. Did you know that the clothing you select to wear expresses your personality? It only becomes an unfavorable habit when you choose styles that are forced on you by someone else, or when you select a style that is unsuitable for your unique personality.

Recognize whether your image and personality reveals an exotic type, an athletic type, or a romantic type. For example, habits of the exotic type is to choose styles that suggest a bold, joyful style of dressing. Your colors and fabrics may be in deep reds and oriental tones.

The athletic type usually prefers strong, unfussy clothes in natural tones and earthy colors. And for the sentimental, romantic type, your habit of dressing may include lots of feminine pieces, lots of lacy lingerie, and fragile high-heeled shoes.

Whatever makes up your clothing choices, use as many tricks of colors and styles to create your individual look. Make a point to look good every time you step foot outside your door. Make it a habit to recognize exactly what it is that best compliments your personality type. If you care enough about the way you dress, and what makes up your wardrobe, you will never go wrong.

In addition to the way you dress, keeping your hair looking its best is also important. When you allow enough time every day to keep it beautifully groomed, you add to your attractiveness. Good hair grooming is the easiest habit to develop. Also, pay attention to your diet and exercise. These are all important habits to develop.

Remember, to form good habits and achieve any degree of success, think of your mind and body as your garden. Whatever you plant in it, the same grows in your life. If you plant positive, hopeful thoughts, constantly feeding and nourishing them, your life will be positive, healthy, and confident.

Constantly create good habits. Then bad habits, like weeds, will not have a chance to grow. Plant thoughts of wellness and prosperity in your life, and you will always create new ways to reach those goals.

It is never too late to unlearn a bad habit and create a good one.

Gerri D Smith combines apparel design, and creative fashion writing, into a successful business. In business for twenty plus years and lovin’ every minute of it – even the ups and downs, Gerri’s deep passion for creating women’s fashions and accessories is enhanced by her love of writing.

Gerri’s apparel and accessory designs are promoted and marketed online, and sold to private clients. As a free-lance designer, many of her designs are one-of-a-kind and special-ordered. Gerri publishes fashion and image-improvement articles, an online fashion eCourse, and an inspirational self-improvement eBook. The articles, eCourse, and eBook are marketed nationwide online, and offline to women business owners, individuals, and entrepreneurs.

Gerri’s newest project is an exciting, quality fashion eCourse for the certain lady who wishes to learn more about the world of fashion, style, beauty and wellness. Just being able to share two of her deepest passions – creative fashion designing and creative inspirational fashion writing with others is her greatest pleasure.

Senior Fashion Tips To Transform Senior Fashion From Drab To Fab

The desire to look stylish doesn’t disappear just because there are a few more candles on the cake. When you think of senior fashion, does your mind conjure up images of blue hair and support hose?

Seniors Worry About Medicare- Not Skin Care

Advertisers would have us believe that only shoppers well under retirement age get excited about new clothes. Commercials show seniors getting plastic surgery to look good, not shopping at Victoria Secret.

I think they’re trying to sell the idea that looking youthful, is the key to looking great.

I’m not buying what they’re selling… Are You?

Caregivers Who Focus On Senior Fashion Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Did you know your outward appearance can affect your demeanor and even your healing abilities? Check out what scientists are saying:

  • The link between physical health and emotional outlook is powerful
  • Negative feelings can suppress the immune system
  • Positive feelings can speed up recovery from injuries

Caregivers who help their loved ones feel good with a new article of clothing, manicure, or hair style change more than just the outside appearance.

Their message says their loved one is worth the extra time and attention. Now your parent feels spectacular on the inside too. Talk about a boost to their immune system and your relationship!

Sensational Senior Fashion Tips That Won’t Break The Bank

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. Here are five ways to make a great fashion statement:

    1. Style Check– Don’t get caught wearing styles that are best forgotten. Best example: “That 70’s Show”. Men and women each need to stick to timeless pieces. Update your look by pairing your timeless pieces with something in this season’s color.
    1. Fit is key– Poorly fitting clothes or clothes without definition are a sure sign you’re out of step with the times. Don’t let retailers keep you in the department with suspenders, elastic waist pants, or mumus. If you can’t bear to part with a piece of clothing, see if it can be tailored to fit.
    1. Accessories– Your cane or walker don’t count! Belts, hats, ties, scarves, jewelry, etc. Each of these can be used to update the look of what’s already in your closet. Men have been doing this for years. It’s time ladies took a page from their book.
    1. Grooming– There’s no law to keep you from changing your hairstyle. Styles and colors from ten years ago may not become you now. If your hair is thinning, comb overs are never your best look. Don’t forget to update your makeup as well.
  1. Specialty Stores – These retailers feature stylish clothing for people with physical challenges. For example: shirts with Velcro instead of buttons for people with arthritis.

The Bottom Line: There’s No Excuse To Be Dowdy

Senior fashion doesn’t have to be drab. Fashion is an extension of your personality. Your personality doesn’t fade just because you get older. The choice is yours. See you on the fab side of fifty!